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ICF is a leader in conducting and providing coaching research. In addition to its extensive industry research program, the Association hosts the ICF Research Portal.

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Credentialed Coach Finder

The Credentialed Coach Finder (CCF) is a free searchable directory of ICF-credentialed coach members. Individual and business consumers of coaching can use CCF to identify and select coaches best suited for their particular situation.

Watch this video for helpful tips on using the Credentialed Coach Finder:

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The Credentialed Coach Finder (CCF) is intended to be used as a tool for potential coaching clients to select a coach. CCF is not to be used to promote or market products and/or services to ICF Members.

In order to protect our affiliates privacy, ICF will immediately refer these actions to our legal counsel; ICF expressly reserves all rights to take further action against those who violate our user agreement. 

ICF reserves the right to cancel and/or remove any posting that does not fit within the original purpose for the system. The qualifications of coaches listed, and the information provided is not verified by ICF in any way. Individuals utilizing this database are urged to take reasonable steps to verify the qualifications of any potential coach.

By utilizing ICF Credentialed Coach Finder, you agree to hold ICF harmless from any and all claims which may arise as a result of your using the information provided and agree to adhere to the ICF Spam Policy and any other spam regulations that may apply.

For more information regarding the use and features of CCF, please view our CCF FAQs

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