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Virtual Programs Subscription

What is it?
A Virtual Programs Subscription enables you to access ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches (SFBAC) virtual programs without paying a per-event fee or joining our Chapter.  It’s like having an annual pass to watch our monthly Livestream video broadcasts featuring SFBAC’s outstanding speakers, in real time, and earn Continuing Coach Education Unit credits (CCEU’s)**.  You also get 24x7 access to video recordings of our past meetings. Group Subscriptions are offered for groups of 2-5 people who want to share a Virtual Programs Subscription and watch the live-streamed broadcasts together in their local area.

Who is it for?
Virtual Programs Subscriptions are ideal for individuals or groups of coaches/ICF members located outside the SF Bay Area who want to take advantage of powerful educational opportunities in addition to what they get from their local chapter.

What does it cost?
•  A 12-month Virtual Programs Subscription is $75 per year for ICF Members, $100 for non-ICF members.
•  A 12-month Group Subscription is $250 per year, covering up to 5 people who want to watch a live-streamed broadcast together in their local area.
For groups larger than 5 people, please email for special pricing.
All subscriptions are good for 12 months. Please Note:  There are no live-streaming broadcasts in some months where there is no guest speaker.

Membership Type:  Virtual Subscriber  (ICF Member),  Virtual Subscriber (All Other),  or  Group Subscription

** CCEUs are offered to attendees of our live events or livestreaming broadcasts who pre-register or sign in AND submit a Feedback & CCEU Request Form.  CCEUs are for Core Competencies or Resource Development, depending on program content.  (CCEUs for Resource Dev’t  are available for viewing a video recording after the event. If the viewer submits a Feedback & CCEU Request Form.)

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