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Our mission is to be the go-to place for professional coaches to learn, grow, thrive, and succeed together.

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President's Message

December 2017

President’s Message | 2018 Strategic Update

2018 Strategic Planning Update

In October, our board members—both retiring and new—met for an entire Saturday to review our successes, identify opportunities for growth, and recommit to our core values for our chapter. Our December newsletter is dedicated towards sharing each committee’s objectives for the coming year.

Our primary discussion topic was our value proposition as a chapter —why do we want to participate and what do we want to experience? We came up with 5 foundational objectives to guide our activities for the coming year:

  1. Commerce:

    1. Building opportunities for coaches to build their practices

    2. Be the “Go to place” for clients seeking to find coaches

    3. Outreach to HR professionals for coaches within organizations

  2. Competency:

    1. Building your business (tactical)

    2. Building accountability for skillsets in coaching

    3. Provide peer mentor coaching opportunities

  3. Community Outreach:

    1. Encouraging a sense of our “Tribe” within the coaching community

    2. Providing networking for collaboration and referral opportunities

  4. Contributing:

    1. Providing a platform to contribute expertise to each other and the community

    2. “Mining the rock stars”—Identifying individuals to share their expertise with our chapter

  5. Credibility:

    1. For the individual and the profession

    2. Governance, standards, and measurements of ability through ICF standards and ethics

Board Recognition:

I would like to personally thank each and every person who volunteered to give their time, energy, and creativity to help make 2017 a wonderful, fulfilling, and exciting year for our chapter and members! Without your enthusiasm, organizational skills, persuasive personalities, and, at times, persistence, I don’t know how we could have had such great programs, interactive events, pro-bono coaching opportunities, and community outreach. We achieved our goal to do this without stressing out, with joy and playfulness. Well done, team!!

At the close of the year, I would like to acknowledge those who have completed their terms on the board. Sue Steinfeld has been on the board as long as I have, and Janet Fjeldstad has been part of the board team for 9 years! We are so grateful for your devotion and willingness to contribute. We celebrate our many successes together and look forward to your continuing as board mentors for our chapter.

Florian Brody, Vice-President 2017,

  Communications Director 2016

Sue Steinfeld, Secretary, 2015-17

Ray Pifferrer, Treasurer 2017,

  Membership Director 2016

Janet Fjeldstad, Operations 2017,

  Co-Secretary 2016 and Historian 2008-17

Sahar Azarabadi, Membership Director 2017

  Sponsorship & Communications 2016

Jon Shuster, Programs Co-Director 2016-17

Lisa Monzón, Events Director 2017

Rob Balaam, Volunteer Coordinator 2017

For 2018, we are excited to welcome new members and many returning faces!

Ricci Victorio, President

Deanna Stouder*, Vice President

Wendy Edelstein*, Secretary

Javier Llerena**, Treasurer,  Membership/Sponsorship Director

Sophie Leroi, Communications Director

Tracy Irvine*, Social Media & School Liaison

Brandon Maslan*Pro-Bono Events

Curt Mandell, Programs & Education

Shelli Hendricks**, Programs & Events Director

Lisa Peay DuBridge**, Events Development

Manoj Ramanan**, Volunteer Coordinator

*New role, continuing board member

**New board member

We are still looking for a couple of energetic coaches who would like to help with program coordination or on our awesome communications team. Please contact Manoj Ramanan at for more information.

I am humbled and honored to continue as your President in 2018, and invite your ideas, creativity, energy, and participation as we look towards an exciting New Year. My heart goes out to each and every one of you, to wish you a wonderful holiday season, celebrating and reflecting with friends, colleagues, and family.

With warmest regards, until next year,

With love,


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