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Our mission is to be the go-to place for professional coaches to learn, grow, thrive, and succeed together.

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Leadership Team

Meet your leaders below, and learn more about their responsibilities. If you'd like to be considered for the Board of Directors, please contact one of the board members - emails below.

Ricci VictorioPresident
Ricci Victorio, PCC  |

Change and the art of being in change has always fascinated me. For 25 years, I focused my curiosity within the theatre environment to develop a unique training approach for ensemble-based improvisational performance. With my husband, Raymond Victorio, we founded Creative Agility, leading Applied Improvisation workshops & retreats for professionals to enhance their creativity, intuition and connection with others. Natalie Victorio, formally joined our team in 2009, and manages our PDP Personality Styles training and assessment programs.


In 1994, I started to work with organizations and family businesses across the country. Building a successful team is like casting a film – you can have all kinds of talent on the set, but if they don’t connect with each other, or if there is no chemistry igniting a creative spark between your players, your project will fall flat of expectations. We found our approach was extremely effective in helping teams navigate change, find their creative flow and work together more effectively, or as we like to call it, become an ensemble.


A variety of issues can get bundled up during major transitions, creating stress, destroying morale and stifling progress. By addressing one issue at a time to design agreements, find alignment and develop a strategy for achieving the desired objectives, we create a “safe and courageous space” for business teams to navigate change. We coach teams through difficult topics to help each person contribute in building the road map for the future. We have become recognized innovators in leadership, building team morale and navigating change.

Florian BrodyPresident-Elect
Florian Brody, ACC
Florian Brody is an Executive and Life Coach based in San Francisco. He works with individual and corporate clients supporting them in finding their next step in their life. Born and raised in Vienna, Austria his is an international expert in a wide range of skills. This allows him to combine art and technology into new experiences for body, speech, and mind. He is certified as Integral Coach from New Ventures West, holds a certification from ICF, and coaches in both English and German.

Florian brings a wealth of expertise in marketing and communications to his position as Director of Communications of the ICF SF Bay Area Chapter.

In addition, Florian held the Chair for Multimedia Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, and has been a visiting professor at the Universidad de Gran Canaria, Spain. Currently he teaches on University level in both in Austria and Germany. Florian is the founding president of ASCINA, the Association of Austrian Scientists in North America and co-chair for Media and Entertainment at GABA, the German-American Business Association. He is also the Silicon Valley advisor to the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He has been practicing Zen for over 30 years, which supports him in his work as coach and as executive. He is a sought-after inspirational speaker and is published in multiple languages

Sue Steinfeld 2015Co-Secretary

Sue Steinfeld is a Certified Leadership and Executive Coach working with Directors, C-Suite and Small Business Owners in areas of relationship building, increasing clarity, communication and strategy. Based on her corporate leadership experience, she designed the Success On YOUR Terms method to help other professionals reach their desired goals. This passion led her to leave a 25-year career to pursue a dedication to coaching.


Sue brings 16 years of experience leading teams for Whole Foods Market, Northern CA as the Executive Director of Technology & Director of Learning and Development. She has a MA from Boston College in Psychology and is an accredited coach from the International Coach Federation.


Outside of coaching, what makes me tick? Give me a backpack and an airline ticket overseas and I’m in complete bliss!

Coaching and consulting organizations and individuals addressing the human aspects of management, such as communications, team building and conflict management.  I also volunteer as Community Educator, teaching men and women to communicate with ease at work and in life by understanding our similarities and differences.

Tracy IrvineSocial Media Director
Creative and dynamic Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with over 16 years of experience in recruiting and talent management for both corporate and start-up environments. Strong business partner and coach with proven relationship-building skills across the organization from staff to senior executives. Technically savvy with strong communication, coaching, training, and presentation skills. 

Areas of expertise include personal development, talent management, career and leadership development, 1:1 coaching and group training, program management, and full cycle recruitment.

Communications Director
Sophie Leroi is an Executive and Leadership coach specializing in international transitions. She works with Expatriate professionals and their families to help them be culturally sensitive, gain more insight into their new life, develop their expatriate leadership skills, and focus on their professional and personal success. She created The Focus Room LLC to provide her clients with a confidential thinking space where they are always in control of the outcomes as they move through the process of acculturation. Her coaching is a supporting and challenging partnership in which clients can secure success in their new ventures.  

After more than 15 years’ experience in the Language, Cross Cultural Training and Destination Services Industry, as well as 10 years of happy expatriation, Sophie graduated as an Executive Coach at the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) in London in 2013. She has been living in the Bay Area for 2 years, and is happy to be able to serve SFBAC to promote professional coaching services and build a vibrant community of coaches who can support each other and find the resources and help they need.

Programs Co-Directors
Jon Shuster |        

Curt Mandell is a Leader Coach and Senior  consultant with Right Management located in San Francisco, California. Curt has 30 years of experience as an executive, manager and consultant working in Fortune 100 companies.  In addition to coaching, he has led a number of large, global projects impacting up to 100,000 employees and served as adjunct faculty in the University of San Francisco’s Organizational Behavior program. Curt is a strong team player who has partnered with senior and mid-level executives to develop strategic and tactical plans, change corporate culture, lead strategic initiatives, improve team dynamics, refine communication approaches, and strengthen leadership capabilities.  

Volunteer Coordinator

Leslie Peay

Business Development
Deanna Stouder |

Deanna StouderDeanna’s scientific background provided the platform from which she developed a 26+ year career. It began with a Research Professorship and culminated in the Senior Executive Service within the Federal Government in a variety of increasingly complex and advanced positions.

Along this pathway, Deanna’s responsibility broadened from regional, national and international issues and partnerships. Blending her experience within the academic and federal arenas, Deanna began mentoring students, employees, and less experienced colleagues, encouraging them to stretch and explore new and different roles and challenges. She has worked with leaders and executives within the US Government (e.g., Army, Agency for International Development, Food and Nutrtion Service, Forest Service, National Institutes of Health), international organizations, academia and small business to improve performance, achieve results and create effective teams.

Deanna is an experienced Executive and Leadership Coach. She is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Deanna serves as an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area Coaches Chapter of ICF.

Deanna is passionate about facilitating and encouraging personal development and professional satisfaction for individuals and groups.   Using her coaching skills and her client’s unique talentsDeanna helps clients see and  execute their vision for themselves and their   organizations.  In doing this, she develops trust, evokes deep insight, and brings value to her client’s vision for the future. 

Membership Director

Javier Llerena

Koeth, BarbaraICF Liaison

Life coaching is my “third act.” As my marketing/advertising career was winding down, I became passionate about transitioning to a helping profession to support people seeking more. More confidence, more courage, and more balanced and fulfilling lives.


My expertise is in empowering clients to make confident and courageous choices that bring joy and fulfillment to their lives. I work with individuals facing many of the same personal and professional changes I’ve experienced – marriage, divorce, layoff, self-employment, relocation, and more. I’ve become skilled at dancing with change – and I am honored to share what I’ve learned with my clients.

Brandon MaslanDirector Sponsorship / Business Development

Brandon Maslan is an executive coach, paid speaker and corporate trainer. He has worked with hundreds of top executives in the advancement of their careers, getting on to Boards and overall expansion of their professional brands. In addition, he has done trainings across the United States and for global audiences on a variety of topics including Professional Branding, Honing Your Elevator Pitch, Building Professional Connections and Mentorship and Sponsorship. He’s helped people discover their brands and facilitated trainings for large teams to find their collective vision.

In addition, for the past 3 years he has worked as a Member Advisor at Advancing Women Executives (AWE – and a major supporter of the advancement of women in business. AWE is the fastest growing business service for VP-level and above corporate executive women with the mission to increase the number of women in senior management and on boards to improve the overall global economy. Through improving awareness, instilling action and creating change, AWE is actively engaging with executive women and their companies to improve business by promoting women.

Brandon was a trial attorney for many years prior to moving to Los Angeles where he became a legal and corporate recruiter. Realizing that his true passions lay in allowing others to fulfill their visions, goals and dreams, he graduated from the Co-active Training Institute and began a career as an Executive Coach. Brandon is a sought after speaker, executive coach, and leader. His expertise is around professional brand management, personal empowerment, public speaking, corporate culture building and career guidance.

The work Brandon does now is the culmination of his career. He has always been a passionate advocate for others, utilizing his voice to create positive change. He lives with his wife in beautiful Oakland, California and they are expecting their first child in February. Which he is excited to announce will be a daughter. Yet another reason he is a proud Member of the world’s smallest fraternity, Male Feminists. He earned his Law Degree from University of Maryland School of Law.

Brandon sees the best in others, which empowers them to see the best in themselves and those around them.

Wendy EdelsteinMarketing / Web Content

I’ve been curious about how people change all of my life. Naturally, that curiosity led to a lifetime of personal development and self-exploration. Before coming to a career in coaching, I worked as a writer and editor and have experience in higher education, health care, banking, and nonprofit organizations.


My lifelong love of language informs my coaching—how we speak can liberate us or hold us down. It’s a choice. I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (through the Coaches Training Institute). I coach individuals primarily around career transitions, productivity, and retirement planning. I find much happiness in my clients's triumphs.

I’m delighted to bring my editorial savvy and writing chops to the ICF SFBAC chapter.

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